Social Support & Advocacy

We also provide social support and advocacy services to our seniors as our third theme of the programmatic framework. Social support activities include identifying the services available fo ra vulnerable seniors on their specific issues and supporting them in accessing the same. Numbers of sessions are held for raising awareness on the services and schemes and process for applying with the seniors. We have referred and advocated for more than 100 seniors for various social support services.

The intervention under this includes:

  • Referral for Total Mobility Cards, Mobility Parking, and Medical Alarm: Quite a many seniors are eligible for access to the mentioned benefits. When a senior approach for the request, detailed information is taken and referred to the authorized agencies for the application.
  • Referral for Home Support: There is a number of seniors living alone or with their partners and require support in managing the daily house chores. These elderly details are referred to the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Service (NASC) who then conducts an assessment and provide the needed services such as providing cleaner to clean
  • Liasioning with WINZ: We support seniors (including elder abuse cases) in liasioning with the WINZ department for a number of things such as providing NZ Super, accommodation supplement, emergency accommodation, and other related benefits. Our social workers prepare applications along with the seniors, submit the same to the WINZ, and attend appointments (in person and on phone)with the client. Due care is taken by the social workers in providing guidance and options/the client, and with the latter who made the decision.
  • Submitting Housing NZ Application: Shanti Niwas supports the seniors who are in dire need of accommodation due to elder abuse or the absence of a carer to file the application for the Housing NZ. In some cases, where seniors need our support, we negotiate with the landlord on their behalf for reducing rent for private property.
  • Other miscellaneous intervention: We also support the seniors in opening the bank account, writing letters, translation and interpretation services, and any other age related information. Seniors are also referred to the Occupational Therapist for the provision of wheelchairs, stools, and hearing aids. Counselling of seniors is cross-cutting across the programmes.

We also do advocacy with government agencies and other stakeholders such as police, WINZ, other NGOs on police level recommendations.