“I am highly thankful to you for the support extended at the time of my severe sickness. Your support at that time was very much valued for us. My wife also wished to convey her sincere thanks to executive body of Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust. The role played by Mrs Vishav and Mr Krishna in this was commendable. Both of us also convey our sincere to organisation the assistance for us as both if us are suffering from sickness and essentially need a support system.

With Best Regards
You’re sincerely
Subhash Ricki

The Project Manager

Shati Niwas Charitable Trust,

Having lived in India for 70 years, I migrated to this beautiful country ( Auckland, New Zealand ) with my wife ( 65 years old) to join the family of my son. It was a hard decision. We knew only one couple of our age group in Auckland. Socially cut off and depressed, we were in a great need of a support group to raise our moral.At this juncture, we were introduced to Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust

Madam, I wish to state here that Shanti Niwas Chritable Trust ( SNCT ) is doing an excellent work of keeping senior citizen engaged in various activities. My wife and myself have been greatly benefited by joining SNCT. We attend weekly meetings where we get opportunity to interact with people of our age group, perform some exercises and receive useful information from Guest Speakers on various important topics. The outings planned by your team during summer season are always a pleasure for us.The lectures on ” Management of Diabetes” were very beneficial.

Since joining SNCT we now have a wide social group here and do not feel any stress and pain due to uprooting at this age. It was through the efforts put by you and your team, that I have been engaged as Community Safety Ambassador ( CSA ) by Auckland Police for last two years. It has been a pleasure spreading awareness among public to prevent crime.

It was again your initiative to train us for management of disaster though guidance by an Expert from Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management Recently I was given an opportunity to attend Human Rights Commission meet on “Empathy in the Face of Diversity” . Thank you so much, madam. The fact that I am making positive contribution to this country has raised my self-esteem for which I am sincerely thankful to you and entire team of Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust.

Best regards,
Jyoti Dua

Dear Vishav

I started attending Shanti Niwas cultural services programme on the Northshore in April 2013 at the Glenfield community centre. I always look forward to the fortnightly meet and greet gathering.

Prior to the start of this programme, there was nothing on the Northshore whereby, I could meet new people and attend such a social gathering, where I have had the opportunity to attend a health-related informative day which was of immense advantage to me and my family.

I have also had an opportunity to go out socially with some new friends I have made as a result of my attending these gatherings. I appreciate the hard work, time and effort put in by you and your team for the benefit of the Indian people on the shore. I hope more people are able to join and make all your efforts a huge success. I would like to Thank you Vishav, Shankar, and Krishna for making it possible for us.

With kind Regards
Mridul Chabba

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  • Shanti Niwas is the only organisation who stood by me during my stay in the hospital.
  • I have started feeling the sense of achievement.
  • Got away from worry and loneliness.
  • Look forward for Thursday.
  • Helps me stay positive and increase my wellbeing, Changes my outlook of life.
  • Have a strong sense of belonging.
  • Learnt physical exercise which I am able to do at home.
  • Helps us when our children do not have much time to help us.
  • Way of living healthy and a good life.
  • Feel like I am at my mother’s home.
  • Helps us avoid isolation.
  • Happy and involved.
  • Enjoy companionship, always laughing.
  • Get to know about other people’s problems, meet new people, welfare of seniors, celebrations under one roof, help me go home with the great frame of mind, always reach out to people in need, feel important, enjoy the peaceful programmes, get to know about others conditions, solving problems, worth continuing, very good and excellent.
  • Help me getting TM card.
  • Like the quality of food served at Shanti Niwas.
  • Opportunities to participate in cultural programmes.
  • We are able to know how to save ourselves for emergencies like fire, burglary, provided with medical alarms, how to get immediate medical help, almost every care is being taken
  • Health improved.
  • Have become more active and confident.
  • Gives us a sense of being valued and respected being senior citizens.
  • Get freshly cooked food, came to know more about health, get inspired, volunteers are noble and devoted and would have been difficult without Shanti Niwas, felt relaxed and relieved.